Classic Eyelash Extension Training

Integrated 2 Days + Online

Become a qualified Classic Eyelash Technician with Lash Vision’s Empire Integrated.

Perfect for beginners, this course gives you an introduction to the industry and gives you all the tools to start and build your business from the ground up.

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Classic Eyelash Extension Training


Your Classic Training comes complete with your online Student log-in and includes:

  • Immediate and LIFETIME access to our comprehensive online training, complete with 12 units

  • Downloadable manuals and print outs

  • Demonstration & Educational Videos

  • LIFETIME support on our Facebook community forum & via our hotline

  • Certificate upon course completion

  • ONGOING updates to our online components

  • FREE access to our pre-made fan online module valued at $399

  • Complete Empire Classic Lash Kit valued at $699

  • A coach to mentor you to success while you work through mastering your case studies

  • 2 Days in person training with the option to come back and sit in on one additional in-person training within a year of your training!

Kit includes:

-6xLash Vision Elementary Eyelash Extension Trays
-5ml Clear Vision Lash Adhesive
-15ml Eliminate Lash Primer
-15ml Solvate Lash Remover
-10 x packs of gel eye patches
-Lash Vision Visionary Tweezers
-Day Light DuoLamp Floor
-LED Phone Ring Light
-Lash Vision bag to store it in
-Dolls head to practise on until training

Please note products may alter slightly in colour or type to above photograph depending on supply. Please rest assure that we will always supply high quality products.

Your kit will be sent by Australia Express Post to you ASAP (don’t worry about postage costs – we’ve got it). This will allow you time to practise on the dolls head. You will be required to bring your kit to your training day for your live applications & return the dolls head.
Kit includes:


Course curriculum

  • 2
    In-Person Training
    • In Person Explanation
    • Adding Or Re Booking In Person Training
    • In Person Training Overview - What you need to know
    • How to Choose a model for training
  • 3
    Business & Treatment Set Up
    • Staring Your Lash Business Check List
    • Salon Set Up
    • Trolley Set Up
    • How to set up your tile
  • 4
    Hygiene & Safety
    • Lash Vision Hygiene
    • Hygiene & Safety
    • How to clean your tweezers
    • Cleaning Your Phone
    • Quiz: Hygiene & Safety
  • 5
    Consultation & Contraindications
    • Consultation
    • Consultation
    • Consultation Form Decoded
    • Consultation Form
    • How To Create An Online Consultation Form
    • Quiz: Consultation
    • Contraindications
    • Contact Lenses
    • Quiz: Contraindications
  • 6
    Policies & Procedures
    • Policies and Procedures Explained
    • Clients who wear mascara to their appointments
    • Pets & Children In The Salon
    • Incident Report
  • 7
    Eye Anatomy
    • Eye Anatomy
    • Quiz: Eye Anatomy
  • 8
    Hair Anatomy
    • Growth Cycles
    • Understanding Natural Lashes File
    • Quiz: Understanding Natural Lashes
  • 9
    Artist Self Care
    • Protecting your back
    • Hand Health
    • Eye Health
  • 10
    Sustainable Lashing
    • All About Eyelash Extensions
    • How Lashes Are Made
    • Sustainable Lashing
    • Extension Length
    • Determining Length
    • Choosing Diameter
    • Quiz: All About Eyelash Extensions
  • 11
    Application Overview
    • Application
    • Quiz: Application
  • 12
    Adhesive Knowledge & Retention
    • Adhesive Knowledge
    • Adhesive Knowledge Download
    • Blooming
    • Retention
    • Retention Webinar * Bonus
    • Retention Check List
    • Quiz: Adhesive
  • 13
    Isolation & Hand Hold
    • Tweezer Hold and Hand Health
    • Isolation x3
    • Isolation and Stability
    • Isolating On The Correct Angle
  • 14
    Attachment & Glue Use
    • Lash Pick Up
    • Glue Pick Up
    • Attachment
    • Glue Control and Safe Application
  • 15
    Mannequin Practice - Assessment #1
    • Mannequin Practice Explained
    • Mannequin Practise Set Up
    • Mannequin Practice - Assessment #1
    • Mannequin Practice - Assessment #2
    • Mannequin Practice Assessment #3
    • Mannequin Practice Assessment #4
  • 16
    Cleansing the Lashes
    • How To Cleanse Your Clients Lashes
  • 17
    Gel Pad Application
    • Gel Pad Application #1
    • Gel Pad Application #2 Taping
  • 18
    Priming Lashes
    • Primer
    • How to Prime Lashes
  • 19
    Model Practice - Assessment #2
    • Model Practise - Assessment #2 Explained
    • Model Practise - Assessment #2 Cleansing Video Submission
    • Model Practise - Assessment #2 Gel Pad Application Video Submission
    • Model Practise - Assessment #2 Primer Application Video Submission
    • Model Practise - Assessment #2 Isolating Lashes Video Submission
  • 20
    Customised Lash Styling
    • Customised Lash Styling
    • Natural Sweep
    • Cats Eye
    • Dolly
  • 21
    Lash Framework
    • Lash Framework Method
    • Seeing Up Your Lash Tile
    • Inner Corner Lashing Tips
    • How Long Should A Lash Set Take
    • Timing & Speed Breakdown
  • 22
    Checking Your Work
    • Sticky Checking
  • 23
    • Photography
    • Photo Editing for Social Media
  • 24
    • Client Cleansing
    • Making your own Cleaners- yes or no?
  • 25
    Model Practice Assessment #3
    • Case Studies DISCLAIMER
    • Case Studies - What You Need To Know
    • Video: How To Take Case Study Photos
    • Case Study Submission Guidelines
    • Case Study Submission
  • 26
    Case Study Submission
    • Case Study Submission #1
    • Case Study Submission #2
    • Case Study Submission #3
    • Case Study Submission #4
    • Case Study Submission #5
    • Case Study Submission #6
    • Additional Case Study - use only if needed
    • Additional Case Study - Use only if needed
  • 27
    Refill & Removal
    • Infill and Removal
    • Difficult Removal
    • Rebalance/Refill Procedure
    • Quiz: Infill & Removal
  • 28
    • Long Term Pricing
    • Pricing Solo room renter
    • Pricing at home
    • Refill Pricing
    • Cash Flow
    • Quiz: Pricing
  • 29
    • Social Media
    • Business Boss Guide to Branding
    • How to get PAYING models post training
    • Model Advertisement
  • 30
    Inventory & Purchasing Stock
    • Stockists - Discounts & Offers
  • 31
    FAQ & Bonus Material
    • Video: How to handle a grown out Lash Lift
    • Advance isolation


  • Jess G

    'I have trained with Kim twice now, once for eyelash extensions and then for lash lift and tint training. Kim is absolutely amazing at what she does, the training is extremely thorough and very detailed but she also makes you feel comfortable and at ease in the session as it can be very daunting learning new treatments! I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn lash treatments to do Kim's training, you won't find anyone more passionate than she is!'

  • Keira N

    ‘I did the Empire Integrated course and I was really amazed with just how much information is provided both online and in person. Every area of the course is done in depth which made it easier for me to get a better understanding of lashing as a whole. I love the professionalism there but I also love how approachable, relatable and how helpful the staff is. Both Kim & Ash were really encouraging on both days of the in person training and they were also really understanding of where I was as a beginner which made me feel way more at ease. Since doing the course I have a great appreciation of the standard that Kim is setting for people who want to get into the lashing industry and do their training through Lash Vision Academy. Can't wait to come back and do some of the other courses in the future!’

  • Icon & text

    'Look no further ! Kim is an amazing trainer, I highly recommend lash vision, Kim is professional and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of lashing, whether you are just starting in the beauty industry or wanting to up-skill, Kim guides you through all the steps and will continue supporting you on your lash journey. Thank-you Kim for going above and beyond.!'Lesley H

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  • Where are your training locations?

    We currently run our in-person training from 4 locations; Melbourne, Brisbane, Echuca & Adelaide.

  • When are your training dates & how do I book?

    You can view and book our training dates when you're ready HERE

  • What do I need to do before I come in for my 2 day training?

    Please note you MUST complete ALL of the online training & a MINIMUM of FIVE full dolls head applications before your practical training at head-office.

    Bookings or cancellation for practical training MUST be made at least two weeks before your selected training date.

  • Do I need to arrange models for my 2 day in person training?

    Yes, you will need to organise three models:
    Day One at 1pm Day Two at 9am and 1.15pm

    If you are unable to arrange models, please let us know with 7 days notice and we will try to organise models on your behalf.

  • How do I become certirfied?

    Once you have completed your online components and in person training, you are required to submit 6 case studies (with one week in between submission for feedback).

    Once these have been approved, you will receive feedback and you certification!